Cardio Dogs

Does your dog have a lot of energy and wants to burn it off?  Our Cardio Dogs service does just that!

We have dog walkers passionate about dogs and fitness.  We call them our Dog Runners.  Our Dog Runners will go on a nice paced jog or run with your dog so they can get the exercise and fun they are craving for.

Our Dog Runners develops a route through trails, neighborhoods, and some city areas.  Safety is something we always practice so our Dog Runners ensures their route is a safe one.  All dogs are kept on a leash at all times while with our Dog Runners.

Rates vary based on the length of the jog and/or run (not distance) and size of your dog.  Visit starts at $45 for one dog.  Visits are 40 minutes with jogs and/or runs for about 30 minutes.  We allocate 5 minutes before and after the jog and/or run to get your dog situated to run.  

We can only run one dog at a time.  Client meeting is required at a visit rate of $20.

Our Dog Runners will be equipped with a drinking bowl and drinking water.

Please contact us to discuss and to receive an accurate rate.

We Love Dogs and Running!

Rates starting at $35 per 30 minute jog or run.  Contact us for more details!

Cardio Dogs
Cardio Dogs